22nd Dec2012

Thai Beauty Product Secrets: Natural Herbal Aromatherapy

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Thai Beauty Product Secrets

The Thai market is extremely supporting of their local brands; homegrown fashion and beauty labels are rather dominant as seen in their prominent features in department stores. The other thing is that Thai beauty products identify themselves synonymously with Asian heritage, specifically when positioning themselves in international markets.

Usage of Herbal Ingredients and Aromatherapy

Thai Beauty Products - Thai WomanSeveral of the Thai beauty brands have a historical custom of making use of organic components and aromatherapy in their skin care and some have successfully provided their products as health spa therapies. The premium brands  even import several of their active ingredients from France. While most of their brands are non-organic, this is comes as no shock because accreditation is an expensive and wearisome process. The rare few companies with natural items are considerably costlier, but still a lot more affordable than the significant international brand names like Fancl, Estebel, Jurlique, SK II, Clarins and Lancome. More importantly, the Thai beauty products are well adapted to tropical climate living and Asian skin types. International users will also find them gentler on the skin because most formulations exclude the harmful industrial agents found in the mainstream brands.

Natural Scrubs & Masks

There is certainly no lack of natural and organic scrubs and masks in Thailand. You could possibly be too spoilt for choice and your best bet is to go with your nose.

Natural and Organic Soaps

Okay, I noticed cleaning agents are rather a large point in Thailand. The cleansing soaps are made with ingredients such as gac, cinnamon, tumeric, mangosteen as well as coffee. Gac fruit and mangosteen carry high antioxidant residential properties and join very good supply in Thailand. For worldwide elegance consumers, several of the ingredients and descriptions are written in Thai, it’s not too effortless to figure their precise benefits unless you talk and check out thai.

Thai Beauty Products - Thai Woman

Body Oils

As a result of their focus on physique massages, such oils are popular. From the appearances of it, I think physique oils are a staple in the Thai charm program as their SAs appears to market them very a little bit. On top of that, all the brands will have a few offerings of the body oils in various fragrances.

Virgin Coconut Oil

This is one ingredient I maintain seeing again and again once again in some of their items therefore I believe the Thais usage this rather amply as an all-in-one oil for their face, physique and hair. I do like the concept of using virgin coconut oil since it has several advantages.


I adore lemongrass in Thai cooking but I’m absolutely addicted to the aroma of Thai beauty products I’ve used through the years. Lemongrass body lotion and hand creams are so invigorating to the senses!

Thai Beauty Product Ingredients

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir Lime is also extremely plentiful in Thailand, specifically toward to Laos region. I’ve used this in a few of the shampoos hair conditioners, and I discover it really aids problem, soothe the scalp and make my hair a lot more manageable.

Ayurvedic Heritage

You might have observed that numerous of the Thai beauty products appear to be very similar to those from India. Tumeric is an essential beauty active ingredient for the Thais in their appeal program.

Thai Beauty Products for Sale Online?

Thai Beauty Products - Gluta Miky Rice Soap

Far, only some Thai item manufacturers place their products for sale online, and primarily by means of eBay. Many of those offered online are Thai-originated wellness supplements. Thai Beauty Products online is a whole lot rarer, as logically, we typically see the should initially do a skin-test or example test before getting even more of a specific item. By means of my years of trial and zits (for those that didn’t function so well), I believe I have actually stumbled across some incredibly really good skin and physique care Thai Beauty Products that my family members and good friends likewise can not get sufficient of! Watch this internet site and check back once again, as I will certainly be pinning some of these products on my Thai Beauty Products Blog.